G2 Artificial Intelligence Terms & Conditions

These G2 Artificial Intelligence Terms & Conditions (“AI Terms”) are entered into by and between you and G2.com, Inc. (together with its affiliates, (“G2”)). The AI Terms govern your access and use of G2’s artificial intelligence (“AI”)-powered chatbot(s) (each a “Chatbot”, and collectively “Chatbots”). The terms “You” and “Your” mean (i) the person accessing or using a Chatbot or (ii) the entity on whose behalf the person is accessing or using a Chatbot. By agreeing to G2’s Terms of Use, you are agreeing to the AI Terms.

If You and G2 have entered into a Master Service Agreement, or similar agreement for G2's Services ("Agreement"), the AI Terms are incorporated into such Agreement and "You" will have the same meaning as "Client." Any capitalized term used herein not otherwise defined has the meaning set forth in the Agreement available at https://www.g2.com/legal/master-service-agreement


You wish to purchase, access or use a Chatbot as an added feature on Your G2 profile page or website. Subject to the AI Terms, the Chatbot serves as a virtual assistant, engaging with third parties, including potential customers (collectively, “Users”), to promote Your software product/service, to answer questions asked by Users, or serve other available functions for Users visiting Your G2 profile page or website. The Chatbot is a product built by G2 using OpenAI’s API with custom embeddings created by G2 that will be trained on certain textual data provided to G2 by You, including sales enablement data (e.g., Gong call transcripts, training decks, other text information) (“Your Data”).